Last updated 19 September 2020

Your committee has been working hard to make our hockey environment as safe as possible for all participants and will continue to review the risk assessment, adjust restrictions and update this guidance as necessary. However, it is incumbent upon all members to read and fully understand their obligations during this period.

We are aware that the vast majority of club members are responsible individuals and conduct themselves in accordance with the safety restrictions. However, any individuals who may be tempted to breach the conditions of play should be aware of the potential consequences of doing so. Any breaches of these conditions may also invalidate the club’s and/or coach’s insurance cover.  Most importantly, please consider the impact of your actions on the safety of your friends, teammates, officials, opponents and family.

Before attending training sessions or matches, please familiarise yourself  our Covid 19 Risk assessment.

Covid officer

Our Covid officer is Val Nicholls.

Contact Val on 07780115509

Call or message if you want to chat, have concerns or questions.

Self Screen Requirement

Each participant should self-screen prior to arrival to ensure they do not have any of the following symptoms (confirmed by a parent for those under age 18), as these are highly suspicious of COVID-19 infection.

  • A high temperature
  • A new continuous cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • A sore throat
  • Loss of or change in normal sense of taste or smell
  • Feeling generally unwell
  • Been in close contact with / living with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in the previous 2 weeks.
  • If you have symptoms contact the NHS for a test and DO NOT come to training until you have been given the all clear.

England Hockey Covid 19 Support

Participation Agreement

All participants must complete the following form before entering the field of play : England Hockey Participation Agreement

Guidance on completing the Participation Agreement (via YouTube)

Covid guidance for players

The following steps outlined are to ensure the safety of all, and it is essential that these are followed to the letter.

At home

    1. Sign a Participation Agreement and bring a copy with you.
    2. Bring hand sanitiser.
    3. Bring face covering (requirement if first aid has to be administered).
    4. Wear your playing kit.
    5. Bring your own water bottle clearly labelled.
    6. No food to be brought with you and Chewing gum is banned.
    7. Self-assess for Covid symptoms – if you have symptoms contact the NHS for a test and DO NOT come to training until you have been given the all clear.

Before and during training

    1. Turn up 5 minutes before training time.
    2. Complete sign in sheet with your contact details, and show your completed EH Participation Agreement.
    3. Do not enter the pitch until told to do so.
    4. Maintain social distancing between you and other players.
    5. Follow guidance as to where to leave bags – 2m between bags along the fence.
    6. Keep all your belongings together and clearly labelled.
    7. Sanitise your hands regularly. Avoid touching mouth, nose, eyes/ coughing and sneezing.
    8. Touch the ball with your stick/GK equipment and not your hands.
    9. DO NOT remove or return the balls yourself from the bag.
    10. Use your own protective equipment or disinfect before use (e.g. facemasks).
    11. Avoid shouting excessively or spitting.

After play

  1. Leave the pitch, DO NOT gather afterwards.
  2. Clean your kit or leave for 72 hours.
  3. If you display any symptoms of COVID-19 after playing hockey, contact our COVID-19 Officer for further information (including contacting NHS Test & Trace).

Guidance for visting teams

In addition to the advice above, please note

  1. Ensure that all participants (players. coaches, managers, physio etc.) have completed a Participation Agreement.
  2. Forward your attendance register to your club Covid Officer for forwarding to EH Track and Trace.
  3. Ensure your participants have performed a self-screen health assessment before leaving home.
  4. Please come ready changed, changing rooms are not available.
  5. Toilets will be available pre and post match for 30 minutes.
  6. We are unable to provide post-match teas at present.