Season summary

From club coach Amanda Faulkner

It’s been a trying season for many reasons, but all our players have shown improvement in both skill and confidence, and I am positive they will continue to go from strength to strength.

Thanks to our captains and vice captains, Kim, Sheelagh, Megan and Jill and to Caroline for organising the umpires, who have led our teams superbly all season, it’s not easy organising the teams, and we do appreciate an early response from the players when the teams have been selected.

In the Cumbria League we finished 6th, it was a tough season, we struggled to field a team on too many occasions, but when we did, we produced some excellent displays hopefully showing our players what can be achieved if we could all commit every week!

The Netherwood development team have also shown terrific team spirit, putting together some great performances, as last year, the weather has been against them and all the fixtures could not be played. Saying that players of all ages have had an opportunity to play in a competitive arena, having fun and enjoyment, which is what our game is all about.

I would like to thank all our supporters, who have turned out in all conditions, having your support is invaluable and very much appreciated.

The minis section is growing, the sessions are so popular that a waiting list had to be started. We are looking at other possibilities for the future.

Our thanks must go to Claire, who instigated the minis section a number of years ago, for its success, but due to her family commitments has now decided to step down from the role. Thanks to Sheelagh, Val, John and some of the older children (Piper, Isaac and Holly) for all their hard work.

Tuesday Training has been well supported, thank you Margaret, John and Paul for helping me with the coaching this season.

Obviously we can’t play the game without umpires, we are very lucky to have excellent umpires associated with our club, thanks to Janet, Mike, Fraser and all others who have helped this season.

We are always encouraging players, and their family, to have an active role in the club, you are our future!
In order for the club to continue to grow we need your support, if you would like to coach, umpire or be part of the committee please do not hesitate to contact us, we will arrange courses for you so that this wonderful club can continue long into the future.

Award winners 2018/2019

Minis awards

Minis Most Improved Player

This award goes to a player who has shown a marked improvement over this last year. She always strives to complete all the drills and tasks to the best of her ability and shows great concentration throughout the training sessions. During games she is starting to think ahead and pick out passes and has made great progress with her tackling skills.

Libby Grose

Minis Merit Award

This award goes to a player who has shown real talent for hockey. He works hard in training and puts great effort into all the drills. He listens to feedback and aims to improve his game every week.

Theo Stephenson

Junior awards

We now have some outstanding players at junior level, they have a fantastic attitude, their skills are growing and i know they are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Under 14 Most Improved

Iona Finney

Under 14 Merit Award

Piper Fairman

Under 16 Most Improved

Emma Morris

Under 16 Merit Award

Kaitlin Quarry

Top scorers

Top Scorer 2nd Team

Polly Holden

Top Scorer 1st Team

Jess Young

Players’ Player Awards

The next two awards are very special, chosen by their teammates throughout the season.

Players’ Player 2nd Team

Megan Carradus

Players’ Player 1st Team

Donna Robinson

Ambleside Hockey Club Awards

Most Improved player

Totally committed to her hockey, she has been a consistent team member and has found a new love of the game and because of this has shown huge improvement throughout this season.

Caroline Holden

Most Promising player (Helena Farrell trophy)

We have been very impressed with this player, she listens and applies herself and has been an asset to the Netherwood team this season.

Leah Darbyshire

Junior Player of the Season

This player has been a mainstay in our team for a few years now, and she is still only 16! A talented young lady, she listens and learns and motivates those around her, determined and a leader of the future.

Maddie Townson

Player of the Season

Another excellent season, leading by example, a voracious appetite for the game, she puts her body in the firing line, a well deserved award.

Sheelagh Conlin

Congratulations to everyone associated with the club, much work is done behind the scenes in order for the hockey to be played, we appreciate and value each and every one of you.