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Charlotte Russell, Captain of Ambleside Hockey Club

Your thoughts on the last Cumbria League game? (Carlisle vs Ambleside. Ambleside lost 3-2 having led 2-1 for a large part of the game)

Such a close match, we were winning 1 - 0 in the first half, but Carlisle just caught up with us in the end. Our fitness let us down.

And the rest of the Cumbria League season so far? Ambleside are currently 8th, with no points on the board.

We are doing really well, we have a new team so we are bonding well and playing really effectively as a team. The wins will come!

What are your thoughts on the Netherwood League season?

Our junior team is such a positive and strong side. They are all really committed to hockey and the club and the experience they are gaining is immense. They are all great players and it is a pleasure to see them play every Sunday.

What has been the most positive aspect of the season for you so far?

The players' commitment and positive attitude. They all give 100% in matches, remain focused and are all keen to improve.

Anything that you would like to improve on?

Winning of course!

And your feelings on your personal performances so far?

Taking on the captaincy this year has been tough. It takes a lot of organisation and preparation before every training and every match, but I have great team mates, members on the committee and Back to Hockey Ladies who all really help to make it a little easier. With my performance I am hoping players will see I am trying to lead by example (not necessarily the green cards!) but by taking chances to score when you can and also being willing to play out of position (for me - defence!) which take you out of your comfort zone but you still give it 100% and you end up playing quite well!

Big game today...

Yes BIG game, fingers crossed we can settle in to the new positioning quickly and get some goals in, the "local derby" is always an eventful one!

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